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Make and Receive Calls in Microsoft Teams

Connect your office phone system to Microsoft Teams and let your desktop phone follow you wherever you go. Plus, keep all your vital communications in one place with a platform you already know and trust.

Take Your Desk Phone With You Anytime, Anywhere

Plus, cloud voicemail and voicemail to text mean your team will be in the loop no matter where they are. Add advanced voice, conferencing and contact center to Microsoft Teams and let your team talk how they want, where they want..

Easy Setup and Simplified Account Management

Local calling in Microsoft Teams is easy to manage with rich features. Admins can quickly and easily provision users, assign phone numbers and port existing numbers using the Microsoft 365 admin console.

Reliable Microsoft Teams Solutions From a Trusted Microsoft Expert

As a certified Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Provider, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes simplify their communications and improve productivity. What’s more, we provide world-class support for every solution we deploy. Let us show you how to get the most out of Microsoft Teams.

Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs and Communicate from Anywhere

Get in touch to put the power of Microsoft Teams to work for you. 

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